Ethiopian Currency Converter

Birr rates on November 19, 2019, 1:37 pm

Us Dollar
1 US Dollar - USD 29.80 Birr - ETB
1 Euro - EUR 32.89 Birr - ETB
British Pound
1 British Pound - GBP 38.17 Birr - ETB
Australian Dollar
1 Australian Dollar - AUD 20.47 Birr - ETB
Canadian Dollar
1 Canadian Dollar - CAD 22.58 Birr - ETB

Ethiopian Currency

The Ethiopian currency is called Birr. It has been in service in since the Nineteen-Thirties. The National Bank of Ethiopia and formerly the Bank of Abyssinia is the central bank. Ethiopian Birr is the second most used currency in Africa after Nigeria’s Naira. Although the first Birr dates back as far as the early nineties, the coins used in Ethiopia were Maria Theresa thalers and Menelik II talari. The second and current Birr has been the official currency of Ethiopia since the nineteen forties. Currently 1 US Dollar is worth around 29 Ethiopian Birr… read more